Rupert Marine introduces the new R5 & R6

Our new small boats are so big that we gave them a new own website. ›

R5 & R6

Custom built Rupert 50 Wheel House

Rupert 50

Tender to S/Y Indio

Rupert Marine has delivered a 50-foot RIB as a tender to the 100 ft Wally sailing yacht “Indio”.
Read more about tender to S/Y Indio

Rupert 52 Cabin

Rupert 52 Cabin

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Rupert Marine introduces Ruptech 32 Open

Ruptech 32 open

Ruptech 32 Open like its sister
32 Coupé is an uncompromising boat for connoisseurs.
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Rupert Professional Boats

All our customers have one thing in common: extremely high demands on their boats. Our clients are military, police, rescue and maritime organisations as well as high demanding yachtsmen. Their demands and preferences set the standard for every Rupert boat we build.

With hundreds of boats delivered our boats are truly tried and tested under the most demanding conditions. The collected experiences of our customers have enabled us to develop one of the best boats on the market.

Rupert's boats are available in a wide range of models for different applications and are used from Spitsbergen in the north to Australia in the south.

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