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Rupert RIB

Rupert RIB’s are available in sizes up to 50 foot with a wide range of models for different applications.

All our customers have one thing in common: extremely high demands on their boats. Military, Police, Rescue and Coastguard, all demand the highest standards of performance and reliability. These boats are their work tools. They need to be robust have superior handling, be reliable and economical to use and maintain. Our customers’ demands set the standard for every Rupert boat we build.

With hundreds of boats delivered and many years of professional use, Rupert's boats are truly tried and tested. The collected experiences of our customers have enabled us to develop one of the best RIB boats on the market.

Rupert RIBs are used from Spitsbergen in the north to Australia in the south.



The boats in Rupert Standard Range are uncompromising vessels for the most demanding users. Rupert boats are used by professionals as well as by private individuals who want the best.
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Rupert Utility

Rupert Utility is a cost effective professional boat. The Utility series is manufactured with the same high quality and the same basic components as Rupert's standard range - it's just the equipment list that is different.
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Rupert Utility Sport

Rupert Utility Sport is a series of standard boats at 22, 26 and 28 feet that we have developed specifically for the recreational boat market, of course, with the same high quality and standards as with all Rupert boats.
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Rupert Yacht Tenders

Rupert Yacht Tenders, custom built tender boats for Mega Yachts.
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Rescue & Military

Custom-built boats for police, military and search & rescue use.
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