Specifications: Rupert R5 - R6 - R8


Rupert-R is serie production boats. The result of twenty years refining of custom built projects and professional boats for the most demanding clients in the world. Among the users of Rupert-R you can find sail racing teams, yacht tender owners and a large number of pleasure boat owners.


R5 and R6
Takes small boating to the next level


The R5 and R6 are "big boats" in a small boat size.

The same ergonomic driving position as in our bigger boats. Deep-V hull for a comfortable ride in rough conditions. Long range fuel tank under the deck. Hydraulic steering as standard. Self draining deck. Built to the same high standards as all bigger Rupert boats.


Twenty years of refining

Based on the famous Rupert 26, twenty years of refining of our most well proven boat
This is simply the best........