Custom built & Production boats
Range 20-50 ft
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Rupert-R series
Production boats
Range 15-26 ft
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Tenders & Yachts
Yachts - Tenders & Chase Boats
Range 15-80 ft
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Military & Rescue
Professional Boats
Custom Built
Range 15-50 ft
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Welcome to Rupert Marine

All our customers have one thing in common; extremely high demands on their boats.

Our clients are military, police, rescue and maritime organisations as well as high demanding yachtsmen. Their demands and preferences set the standard for every Rupert boat we build.

With hundreds of boats delivered our boats are truly tried and tested under the most demanding conditions. The collected experiences of our customers have enabled us to develop one of the best boats on the market.

Rupert's boats are available in a wide range of models for different applications and are used from Spitsbergen in the north to Australia in the south.




Photo from
Stockhol International Boat Show



Dealers wanted world wide

Please contact Mr. Thomas Rönnberg
Email: or Phone +46 702 000 470


Test of Rupert R5 and R6


Test of Rupert R5 and R6 in the Swedish magazine Vi Båtägare

The test was performed in Stockholm spring 2015 by Anna Sandgren.
Vi Båtägare #3-2015.

Up coming! New Rupert-R8


The new Rupert-R8 will be presented in March at Stockholm International Boat Show. Welcome!



Demo boat for sale

Rupert 28 OB 2015

Contact Rupert Marine, Thomas Rönnberg
Phone: +46 702 000 470

Photo shoot in Tahiti

Photos taken in Tahiti of a Rupert 26, Tender to M/Y Vantage

Rupert - Sail racing tenders

M32 World Match Racing Tour

Rupert Marine has delivered Rupert R5 and Rupert R6 sail racing
tenders to the International M32 World Match Racing Tour.

Rupert R5 - Sail racing tenders for M32 Series

Rupert R6 - Sail racing tenders for M32 Series

Yacht tenders for Tansu Yachts

Rupert Marine and Tansu Yachts have started a cooperation for delivery of custom designed yacht tenders for Tansu Yachts.  The new tender series is based on Rupert R5 and R6.

photo credit : Jeff Brown

Rupert R6


Model Program

Rupert    Rupert-R    Tenders & Yachts    Military & Rescue

Rupert - Professional Boats

Rupert - Professional Boats


Rupert professional Boats

Rupert are uncompromising vessels for the most demanding users. With hundreds of boats sold and many years of professional use, Rupert's boats are truly tried and tested.

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Serie production boats


Rupert-R is our serie production boats, standard boats that meets the expectaions from the most demanding users.


Tenders & Yachts


Tenders - Chase Boats - Yachts

Built to the same high standards as our professional boats and are available in custom sizes up to 25 meters.


Military & Rescue


Search and Rescue - Military & Police

Custom built boats for police, military and search & rescue use, based on Rupert's standard range, 20 to 50 foot.